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The Power of Affirmations

Through the years, I've found that how I spend each January 1st sets the stage for the rest of the year. This year, my partner and I, went on an adventure. Without a set agenda, we traveled to spend some quality time in nature. We ended up at Colt State Park and Roger Williams Park, both in Rhode Island. I've included some pictures from our excursion below. It felt incredible to be outside laughing and exploring.

Let's take a step back for a moment to give you some background. On December 14, 2020, I had surgery on my right knee to repair a torn meniscus and perform a lateral release of my kneecap. For the first two days, I was in excruciating pain. I could barely walk without assistance. I knew that how I chose to see myself and my health would have an enormous impact on my recovery. Immediately, my mantra became, "I am getting better every day!" Each time someone asked me how I was healing, I would repeat my affirmation. Within a few days of surgery, I was moving around without the walker and by Christmas I was walking without a cane. The doctor and physical therapist are encouraging, reminding me that I'm only a few weeks out from surgery and that I'm healing rapidly. It was so fulfilling to be outside walking yesterday, less than a month after surgery.

The stories that we tell ourselves become the very fabric of our life. What is repeated on a conscious and unconscious level becomes the reality we experience. Had I chosen the limiting belief that healing would be difficult and painful, that would be the source from which I would create. Consistently repeating our fears or doubts become affirmations without us realizing it. We've all met people who are always talking about everything that is going wrong in their lives rather that looking at their blessings. Ten years ago, I was in that very mindset. Through deep inner work and spiritual growth, I've seen my life completely change course. Rather than focusing on what I don't have, I'm grateful for all the beauty and happiness in my life. When we radiate joy, we are releasing our resistance to the manifestation of our dreams.

Let the affirmations you speak to yourself reflect your hopes and dreams rather than your fears. Each year I select three words to represent my desires for the upcoming year. I set a daily reminder for my affirmations to reinforce the year's focus. It's always fun on New Year's Eve to see how the prior year's affirmations came into fruition.

For 2021, I selected alignment, abundance, and grace. What affirmations will you pick for this year?

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